About Us

About Us

As Halatsan, we are high quality sling producer from Turkey.

As Halatsan, we are high quality sling producer from Turkey with production certificated to European standards with the highest quality and distributes the products worldwide with excellent customer service.

We have strong references in Turkey and worldwide. We will develope our global business with our well educated team, our operational strongness and sales partners.

Our Mission

As Halatsan we are providing the most appropriate solutions by understanding the needs of customers in the best way and providing them the most value suggestions from the most accurate channels. For that, we grow our business and are doing R&D.

Our Vision

We will offer to our customers the same quality and reliable service anywhere in the world. Our goal is to be the leader brand in our business field at every stage of all our projects.

Our Production and Quality Certificates

  • TS EN1492-1/AC:2008
  • DIN EN 1492-1
  • DIN 60005
  • Machinery Safety Regulation 98/37/AT
  • CE