Custom-Sized Round Sling Production

Round fibre slings are used in all general-purpose operations with their high durability and sensitive structure. Specially sized round slings, which play a role in the lifting processes of irregular and fragile loads, are placed in single or double-layered sheaths of yarn bundles. The threads spread with the sheath, grasping the load and providing a comfortable and safe use.

What are the Colour, Tonnage Information of Round Slings?

Slings that enable heavy loads to move in a restricted environment are produced per customer requests as well as standard sizes. With the safety factor determined according to the needs, the special size round slings provide functional use. Colour, tonnage information of products according to European Standards:

  • Violet: 1 tonne
  • Green: 2 tonnes
  • Yellow: 3 tonnes
  • Grey: 4 tonnes
  • Red: 5 tonnes
  • Brown: 6 tonnes
  • Blue: 8 tonnes
  • Orange: 10 tonnes and up to.

What are the Conditions to Be Considered in the Use of Round Slings?

Specially sized round slings are frequently preferred products in the industrial field. They are pieces of equipment with high working safety and are easy to carry, produced with special weaving systems. Warnings to be considered in its use are:

  • Keeping the slings in a moisture-free and dry environment,
  • Storing away from high temperatures, areas where there is no risk of compression and crushing,
  • Storing with its package and certificate,
  • Not using cut, frayed, injured, broken or damaged slings,
  • Keeping away from the flame against the risk of ignition.

What are the Standard Features of the Round Sling?

Specially sized slings are produced following TS EN1492-2/AC:2007 and DIN EN 1492-2 standards, with a CE Certificate. The general features of the models are:

  • Having a circular and fuller appearance,
  • Carrying high tonnage and bulky materials with precision,
  • Having a durable structure.


For more detailed information about the products, you can contact Halatsan’s sales team.

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