Endless Slings

Polyester Endless Slings

Endless slings are produced under EN 1492-1 standard. Endless slings can be designed both as round and with eyes. It is also called a polyester endless export sling, or an export sling. As the name suggests, endless slings are mostly used in export shipments. They are economical slings as they are produced for one-time use.

The endless sling is used throughout the entire shipment process, up to the final delivery address. Therefore, it is considered a sling that is used for short-term use.

What are the features of Polyester Endless Slings?

  • They can be produced in various sizes according to needs.
  • Infinite single-use slings are the most suitable lifting and transportation equipment for export-oriented shipments.
  • Because they are produced for one-time use, purchasing, and storage costs are also quite low.
  • It provides time savings as it will cause less energy to be spent on labor.
  • They can be produced

Material : Polyester
Safety Factor : 4:1 5:1 6:1 7:1
Standard : EN 1492-1:2000+A1:2008, DIN 60005
Label Color : Blue
Length : Can be produced in any size according to customer demand
Color : European Standard Color Coding
Stitching : Single Layer, Double Layer

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