Load Lifting Safety Equipment Standards

Lifting and handling equipment is produced to internationally approved standards. These standards, which have an important place in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, are named differently for each material. Safety equipment provides a healthy use in lifting operations and provides working following the regulation.

What is the Load Lifting Equipment?

Vehicles in load lifting and transport processes work in harmony with some safety equipment. These products include polyester sling varieties. Round, disposable and webbing polyester sling models are the leading players in transfer processes.

With their infinite sling durability, they perform their duty without damaging the transported load. The webbing sling is frequently preferred, being produced as a double layer. Disposable export sling has single and double folded seams and is manufactured in the dimensions and capacities requested by the customers.

How to Conduct a Comprehensive Inspection of Slings as Safety Equipment?

Safety equipment is inspected by authorised persons before first use, after installation and during service. It is applied at intervals of 6 months on average. The methods used in this comprehensive review include:

  • Visual inspection and functional checks,
  • Wear tests,
  • Conventional non-destructive testing and load testing.

If a plan is drawn up, the definitions and conditions that need to be specified consist of: the parts to be inspected, inspection and test techniques, and inspection intervals.

What are the Safety Standards for Slings?

Security equipment is certified and serviced by the TS EN 1492 standard. This standard contains rules regarding the safety of webbing slings with or without fasteners. Used for slings made of polyester and polypropylene. It covers safety details including sling materials, declaration and test methods. This standard is an important detail for Occupational Health and Safety. Examples of equipment standards are:

  • TS EN 1492-2+A1 Textile slings – Round Slings Made of Artificial Fibres Suitable for Security-General Purpose Uses,
  • TS EN 1492-1+A1 Textile Straps- Security-Plain Thick Weave Straps Suitable for General Purpose Uses,
  • TS EN 1492-1+A1 Textile Straps- Security- Disposable Straps Suitable for General Purpose Uses,

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