Polyester Sling Production for Special Uses

Polyester slings are shaped and formed by melting polypropylene and polyamide fibres. They are produced by the compression of these materials with high pressure. The fact that polyester fibres, which are artificial fibre materials, are 100% polyester, greatly increases the sling resistance. Polyester slings are produced according to special usage areas and are optionally used in different areas. Specially produced polyester slings can be produced with special width, length, resistance, endurance, shortening adjustment and buckle systems.

Production of Special Polyester Slings, Your Greatest Helper in Lifting and Carrying

Polyester material has great resistance to both chemical and physical impacts. Therefore, special polyester slings have a significant place in heavy cargo transportation. The fact that the fibres used in its construction consist of polyester threads and that they are tightly knitted and compressed is another feature of the sling that shows its durability. Tightly knit and tightening ensures this resistance is equal at every point of the sling. The fact that it provides a small amount of flexibility under very heavy loads is also an indication of its solid structure. Lifting points for slings, which are produced according to the wishes of individuals and companies, must be kept perpendicular to the centre of gravity.

What are the Usage Areas of Special Production Polyester Slings?

The use of polyester slings is an ideal choice for handling more delicate equipment and completing jobs that require gentler handling. These types of slings do not stretch as much as nylon slings. They show less flexibility due to the feature of the product. They have a resistive load endurance. They are resistant to water absorption since it has no conductive structures. The flexibility of polyester also allows the slings to cover a larger surface area and achieve a more secure grip. Unlike nylon, polyester slings can be used for jobs that will be exposed to bleach and acids. However, polyester slings cannot be used around caustic chemicals such as alkalis.

Usage Areas of Special Production Polyester Slings

  • Heavy industry,
  • Iron and steel industry,
  • Land transport,
  • Sea transport,
  • Defence Industry,
  • Lifting and Mooring Ropes,
  • High tonnage and safe areas.

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