Polyester Webbing Sling Production for Special Uses

Webbing slings produced from polyester material are among the most preferred and used sling types in the market. Special production webbing slings have a wide range of usage areas, being ultra-light and easy to use. They are solid sling types that do not harm your load, can be easily connected to any type of load and adapt to the load form. According to the wishes of companies or individuals, it is possible to produce polyester webbing slings in different lengths, widths, endurance, resistance, extension and shortening settings, and buckle systems. Flat webbing slings produced from synthetic materials as bands have high resistance and the safety factor can be adjusted according to demand. They can be sent on the products in shipments, providing fast load-carrying convenience.

What are the Usage Areas of Special Production Polyester Webbing Sling?

Polyester flat webbing slings are crucial tools for the safe transport of heavy items and loads. Various slings are produced as connection apparatuses used to connect loads and goods to transport vehicles such as cranes. They are among the load-lifting equipment that is frequently used in work areas to lift and transport heavy loads in the transportation of goods. Specially produced polyester slings are fasteners that are produced and used for the transport of carefully and sensitive items. Polyester flat webbing slings, which can also be produced optionally, serve the sector by being manufactured in line with all kinds of tonnage and dimensions.

Special Production Eyed Sling Usage Areas

  • In heavy industry areas,
  • In iron and steel industry areas,
  • In ports and working areas of sea freight,
  • In architectural and construction application areas,
  • In the automotive sector,
  • In industrial production fields,
  • In logistics and transport working areas.

Types and Design of Polyester Flat Webbing Slings

Equipment and tools used in work areas are designed in accordance with work area conditions. In the design phase of polyester webbing slings, care is taken to create sling types that will serve the purpose of use. For this reason, polyester slings are produced to be used in transportation processes that require both care and attention. In addition to standard production, polyester flat webbing slings with special production are carefully made by experts to increase work efficiency.

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