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İstanbul / Türkiye
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Double-arm chain slings are crane apparatus used for lifting loads with a two-arm system.

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Hook types: Auto pin hook, standard hook, shortening hook and other types are available
Shortening hook: Used to adjust the height of the chain sling
Chain thicknesses: Chains may vary in diameter and thickness, e.g. 8 mm, 10 mm or larger
Load capacity: Load capacity of chain slings may vary at right and oblique angles
Grade 100 and Grade 80: These classifications specify standards for the strength and breaking load of chains
Safety: Chain slings with automatic hooks prevent unhooking without human intervention and are used on tower cranes and mobile cranes
Areas of use: Used in various sectors such as construction, transportation, production facilities, marine and port operations, mining
Reliability: Grade 100 chain slings are extremely durable and robust


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