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İstanbul / Türkiye
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Four-arm chain slings are crane apparatus designed for stable lifting of heavy loads.

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These products are used for lifting loads with links in four places with chain and hook connection on each leg.

Product Structure: Chain slings consist of main link, additional lock, chain and bottom hook
Automatic Hook: Chain slings with automatic hooks are designed for safety and easy handling. The hook does not open without human intervention and is used on tower cranes and mobile cranes
Shortening Hook: Chain slings with shortening hooks allow you to adjust the height as desired
Quality Standards: Chain slings produced in GRADE80 and GRADE100 quality standards have four times the breaking load and can be used safely for many years
Areas of Use: Suitable for use in industrial, construction, logistics and maritime sectors
Four-arm chain slings offer the ideal solution for lifting and transporting heavy loads and are characterized by their reliability and durability.


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