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Dyneema rope is a material with features such as high strength, lightness, water resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance.

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It is frequently used especially in maritime and sailing sports.

General features of Dyneema ropes are:

High strength: Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel wire.
Lightness: It is 8 times lighter than steel wire and has a specific gravity of only 0.97, so it can float on water.
Water resistance: Thanks to its hydrophobic feature, it does not absorb water and remains light in wet work areas.
Chemical resistance: It does not react with chemicals and is not affected by wet, salty or humid environments.
UV resistance: It is resistant to UV rays, so it is also used in these areas. Dyneema ropes are generally designed to be used as yacht equipment, towing and anchor ropes on boats. Additionally, the products include Dyneema rope cutting shears.


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