İstanbul / Türkiye
İstanbul / Türkiye

Wide 75mm Spanzet, large size spanzet product, can be used for concrete blocks, heavy lashing operations, marble block transportation, wide pipe transportation and heavy tonnage shipments.

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The maximum fixing capacity of the product is 5000 kg and the hook thickness is 18mm. The tape column width is 75mm and it is sewn with polyester tape (column). Standard lengths of the product can be 8, 10 and 12 meters and special manufacturing can be done.

  • Maximum fixing capacity: 5000 kg
  • Hook thickness: 18mm
  • Band column width: 75mm
  • Tape column lengths: 8, 10 and 12 meters
  • Polyester band (column) is sewn
  • Galvanized metal mechanism
  • Can be manufactured in stainless


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