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Flat chain lock is a type of accessory used at the connection points of steel ropes and chains.

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Various Diameters and Lengths: Flat chain locks are produced and used in various diameters between 6 mm and 25 mm
Steel Material and Galvanized Finish: Flat chain locks are usually made of steel and galvanized coated, which provides a protective coating
Areas of Use: Used in transportation, logistics, automotive, heavy industry, industrial production areas. For example, it is also used in marine, construction and architectural applications.
Occupational Health and Safety: Flat chain locks are designed and used in accordance with occupational health and safety criteria
Quality and Durability: Made of high quality stainless steel material and durable for long-term use
Descriptions Reliability: Flat chain locks are among the most reliable products and are preferred in projects that do not have a good condition for carrying and lifting loads.
Economical Structure: It is designed to be used in the simplest and most economical methods as mass production products.
Usage Examples: For example, it is used as a connecting element by attaching to the end of the auto tow rope, and it is also used in the connection of the eye hook and the eye hook added to the end of the steel rope.
Tonnage Locks: High tonnage flat chain locks are also available and can have a carrying capacity of 1 ton or more
Flat chain locks are used practically in professional areas and increase work quality and efficiency while lightening the workload.


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