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İstanbul / Türkiye
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Durable and Functional Design: Standard Big Bags, made of plain woven polypropylene fabric, have a load carrying capacity from 200 kg to 2,000 kg with laminated or unlaminated options. It ensures safe transportation and storage of your products with 5:1 and 6:1 safety coefficients.

Wide Area of Use: Standard Big Bags are widely used in sectors such as agriculture, construction and mining. It can also be used to transport food and chemical products with its specially produced nylon liner.


  • Safe and Durable: Standard Big Bags made of high quality materials ensure safe transportation and storage of your products.
  • Different Capacity Options: Standard Big Bags, with a wide range of capacities ranging from 200 kg to 2,000 kg, offer a suitable solution for every need.
  • Use Area Diversity: It can be used in many different sectors, from agriculture to food, from construction to mining.
  • Economic Solution: Provides savings in the long run thanks to its durability and longevity.


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