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Polyester webbing slings are designed with two looped ends. They are used to keep the weight balanced and evenly distributed when lifting a load, depending on the width and length of the material. Polyester webbing slings are expressed in many terms, some of which are duplex lifting sling, flat wowen sling, woven webbing sling, or duplex flat sling with eyes. Flat webbing slings are one of the most commonly used products among lifting equipment. Polyester slings do not damage the load because they are produced smoothly and conform to the shape of the load. They are produced in accordance with EN 1492-1 standard.

SKU: 654231324


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What are the features of Polyester Webbing Slings?

Polyester flat webbing slings protect your loads from scratches and crushing due to their soft and flexible nature. Other features of these slings include:

They are the most suitable product for lifting with a choke hitch.
The eyes of the sling, made up of thousands of fibers, are protected by a polyester cover.
Each color represents a different tonnage.
They should not be used in flammable or high-temperature environments.

Material: Polyester (PES)
Color: EU Norm Color Coding
Safety Factor: 5:1 – 6:1 – 7:1
Standard: TS EN1492-1 / AC: 2008, DIN EN 1492-1, DIN 6005, CE Marking for Machinery Directive (98/37/EC)
Length: It can be produced to any extent in line with the customer needs.
Ply: Single, Duplex, Three and Four layer

The products are produced by our company.

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