What are the European Standards for Polyester Slings?

A polyester sling is a type of equipment, also called webbing and cloth sling. Ideal for carrying or lifting fragile and sensitive loads. This product is made of a soft and sensitive raw material. It is used for lifting loads that you do not want to scratch. When choosing the right sling, you should take into account the technical information set in the framework of European Standards. Polyester sling European standards are TS EN 1492 norms.

What are the Colour and Tonnage Information of Polyester Slings According to European Standards?

The colour and tonnage information determined within the framework of European Standards determine the usage area of ​​the polyester sling. They are light and safe products that have practical use. There are labels on the materials with the working load limit, length of use, production year and manufacturer code, production material and carrying capacity. In European standards, the label is blue.

Technical features of the products are:

  • Purple: 1 tonne
  • Green: 2 tonnes
  • Yellow: 3 tonnes
  • Grey: 4 tonnes
  • Red: 5 tonnes
  • Brown: 6 tonnes
  • Blue: 8 tonnes
  • Orange: 10 tonnes and up to.

What are the Polyester Sling Types?

They are produced by melting and twisting polyester, polyamide and polypropylene fibres. Types of polyester slings according to usage area and duties are:

  • Webbing Slings
  • Round Slings
  • Disposable slings

What are the Details on the Use of Polyester Slings?

Polyester sling lifts loads with different methods. Some information about the use of the products is that lifting and transfer operations can be carried out as:

  • Straight lifting, in which the lifting point of the loads is perpendicular to the centre of gravity,
  • Lifting with two kinds of long slings where the centre of gravity is upright on both sides of the loads,
  • Lifting with three or four slings, where the lifting points are on the same plane, distributed around the centre of gravity and standing vertically on it.

These products are used in a problem-free and practical way, speeding up the working processes.

For more detailed information about the products, you can contact Halatsan’s sales team.

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