What are the Usage Areas of Polyester Round Slings?

Polyester Round slings are products with high durability, made of 100% polyester. They are preferred in professional lifting products. Their light structure prevents the loads from being damaged and offers practical use with a low labour force. This product group is produced to place round yarn bundles in a single or double sheath and meet different capacities.

What are the Features of Polyester Round Slings?

Polyester Round slings do not damage the load it carries, saving time. They support the lifting of uneven load distribution and fragile loads. Features of this product:

  • Strong, flexible and light structure,
  • Having 6:1 and 7:1 factors of safety,
  • All polyester,
  • Safe working load values,
  • A functional use,
  • Requires low labour and low energy consumption,
  • Having low cost.

What are the warnings you should pay attention to when using the slings?

Polyester round slings are produced in colour codes following the capacities specified by European Standards. The covers used in the production stage play a decisive role in the technical characteristics and service life of the slings. Points to consider when using are:

  • Not exceeding the load limit of the sling,
  • Securing the area during load lifting and transfer operations,
  • Not using worn and deformed slings,
  • Not using with cutting products,
  • Storing in suitable storage areas,
  • Having tonnage label and seal on it,
  • Not exposing the slings to sun rays or high temperatures,
  • Ensuring that the load is firmly and firmly fixed,
  • Paying attention to the material compatibility of the load and the sling,
  • Checking after uninstall.

What are the Usage Areas of Polyester Round Slings?

The polyester round sling varieties are categorised by colour and load-bearing capacities. This product is used for all general-purpose operations. It plays a role in the lifting process of loads with a sensitive structure. The product has different features, functions and areas of use, providing maximum performance in the right area.

They allow heavy loads to move in a restricted environment. Among the sectors where it is used are heavy industry, iron and steel industry, maritime, radiator and port companies, mining, airports, construction and architecture and industrial sectors.

For more detailed information about the products, you can contact Halatsan’s sales team.

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