Where is Polyester Disposable Sling Used?

A disposable sling is a product preferred for short-term uses that cannot be recycled. This model, which is manufactured in every size, bandwidth and capacity within the framework of customers’ requests, has single or double-folded seams. Used in many lifting and transfer operations, this product offers widespread and low-cost use.

What are the Features of Disposable (Endless) Slings?

Disposable slings reduce production costs. They are crucial during the transportation of goods, as they do not damage the load. They can connect and adapt to any type, regardless of the location of the lug. They also bring safe use. Features of disposable/endless slings are:

  • There is no going back.
  • Being produced according to 4:1, 5:1, 6:1 and 7:1 safety coefficients.
  • Having single and double folded seams.
  • Being ideal for export-oriented shipments.
  • Providing one-time use, their purchasing and stocking costs are low.
  • Enabling ease of packaging and efficient usage area.
  • Allowing you to spend less energy and time and greatly reducing business risk.
  • Being prepared in desired dimensions and capacities.

What are the Types of Disposable/Endless Slings?

These tools are categorised according to their design and technical details. While some models adapt to every load form, some come to the fore with their safety coefficient variety. Types of disposable slings are:

  • Safe disposable endless band slings have a light and practical use and can be connected with or without eyebolt,
  • Painted or unpainted, disposable eye band slings are designed according to the number of safety layers, accelerating the lowering and lifting processes.

What are the Uses of Disposable/Endless Slings?

This type of equipment, which is frequently used in heavy lifting and transport processes, is designed to add speed and practicality to your work. They provide safe and robust use. The safety factor and other technical features of the selected product play an active role in determining the area of ​​use. Within a wide range of usage areas of these products, which are connected everywhere are there:

  • Heavy industry,
  • Ports and airports,
  • Pipe factories,
  • Furniture companies,
  • Steel profile production areas,
  • Sack factories.

For more detailed information about the products, you can contact Halatsan’s sales team.

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